To help you live a mosquito free life, we concentrate on areas where you spend most of your time. This includes decks, pool and around the house where your family plays and your pets roam. In addition, we cover not only the perimeter of your yard but also the lawn itself. In doing this, Mosquito Mike will get you a better result no matter your yard size.

How much time have you spent getting your outdoor living space exactly the way you want it? All that hard work and you can’t enjoy it because of Mosquitoes. You want relief from Mosquitoes and we are here to help. After we are done, you will be able to enjoy that yard you worked so hard on.

Our visit will take roughly 15-20 minutes with an additional 30-60 for drying time. You do not have to be home during this time. If you choose to be around, please leave your pets inside until the spray has dried.

Please contact Mosquito Mike at 844-750-6453 to arrange a free estimate for our services.