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Mosquitos are a nuisance that can ruin simple pleasures like sitting in your backyard. The insect also carries disease and is responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths yearly. Mosquito control services may be something you've associated with city-wide or regional eradication efforts, but you can also have it done for your residential property. Mosquito control from Mosquito Mike uses safe, effective sprays and saturation techniques for dependable mosquito elimination. We stand behind our treatments more than other mosquito control companies. That's why we offer a 100% guarantee on mosquito control services or your money back. Take back control of your home and protect your family with dependable mosquito control services from Mosquito Mike.

Where Are All These Mosquitos Coming From?

Mosquitos are found all over the world, and they can thrive in a variety of habitats, including swamps, marshes, and other wetlands. They are particularly abundant in areas with standing water, which provides a breeding ground for mosquito larvae. However, some species of mosquitos can also breed in small amounts of water, such as those found in plant saucers, old tires, and other artificial containers.

Several factors can attract mosquitos to your home, including:

  • Standing water: Mosquitos need water to breed, so areas with standing water, such as flower pots, bird baths, clogged gutters, and other containers, can be attractive breeding sites for mosquitos.
  • Open windows and doors: Mosquitos can quickly enter homes through open windows and doors, especially at dusk and dawn when they are most active.
  • Light and heat: Mosquitos are attracted to light and heat, so homes with bright lights or warmer than the surrounding environment may be more attractive to mosquitos.
  • Carbon dioxide and other odors: Mosquitos are attracted to the carbon dioxide and other odors that people and animals emit when they breathe. They can also be attracted to the scent of sweat and other body odors.
  • Vegetation: Some mosquitos prefer to rest in vegetation during the day, so homes surrounded by trees, bushes, and other foliage may be more attractive to mosquitos.

Depending on the climate where you live and the environment around your home, you could experience a mosquito outbreak of varying degrees. Residential mosquito treatment will help you keep their numbers down. 

Are Mosquitos Dangerous?

In the United States, mosquitos can carry and transmit several diseases that pose a risk to human health. Some of the most common mosquito-borne diseases in the US include West Nile virus, Eastern equine encephalitis, and St. Louis encephalitis. Several cities throughout the country practice mosquito control to reduce their spread.

The risk of contracting these diseases varies depending on the location and time of year. For example, West Nile virus transmission risk is higher during the warmer months, particularly in areas with hot temperatures and high mosquito populations. The risk of contracting mosquito-borne diseases in the US is generally lower than in other parts of the world because of frequent mosquito treatment and vaccination measures. Nonetheless, taking precautions to avoid mosquito bites is still important. Scratching mosquito bites can open wounds and pose a risk of infection or scarring, especially to children and older generations. A qualified mosquito control company like Mosquito Mike can provide mosquito control services that eliminate up to 90% of your mosquito population.

What Do Professionals at Mosquito Mike Use for Mosquito Control?

The specialists at our mosquito control company use a combination of effective chemicals and all-natural ingredients, and proven techniques for dependable mosquito elimination. Our traditional pesticide mix is a blend of Bifenthrin (a synthetic form of the chrysanthemum flower), garlic, and a sticking agent that keeps it on surfaces longer, no matter the weather. This pesticide mix is safe when used correctly – pets and children only need to stay off the grass for 30 minutes after application. We also offer a 100% natural mosquito treatment with garlic, rosemary, peppermint, and other essential oils for those who have reservations about chemicals.

Mosquito Mike differs from other mosquito control companies because of our persistence and dedication. Our mosquito elimination program applies pesticides even in hard-to-reach areas to ensure complete protection and longer-lasting results. We offer different levels of mosquito control service and will visit your property every 2-3 weeks, depending on which you choose. The consistent and beneficial experience clients receive is why we are ranked as your area's best mosquito control company.

What Is the Average Cost of a Mosquito Spray?

Many people are interested in hiring a mosquito control company but wonder what the average cost of a mosquito spray service may be. There is no one answer. Prices range depending on a number of factors, including where you live. Mosquito Mike will give you a fast quote online when you enter your service area. However, most will find mosquito elimination at their residence a valuable investment. Mosquito control services can provide a variety of benefits, including protection from disease, enhanced outdoor living, long-term cost savings, and eco-friendliness.

What Is the Cheapest Way To Get Rid of Mosquitos?

Saving money is a priority of every homeowner, and many wonder if there are any effective and cheap ways to get rid of mosquitos on their own. The good news is there are several inexpensive ways to help control mosquitos around your home:

  • Eliminate standing water: Mosquitos breed in standing water, so removing stagnant water sources around your home can help reduce their numbers. This includes emptying containers that collect water, such as buckets, flowerpots, and birdbaths.
  • Use mosquito repellents: Mosquito-repellent products such as sprays, lotions, and candles can help keep mosquitos at bay. DEET, picaridin, and oil of lemon eucalyptus are effective active ingredients in mosquito repellents.
  • Wear protective clothing: Wearing long sleeves and pants can help prevent mosquito bites when you're outdoors. Additionally, light-colored clothing can help reduce mosquito attraction.
  • Install window screens: Installing window screens on all windows and doors can help keep mosquitos out of your home.
  • Use a fan: Mosquitos are not strong fliers, so using a fan to create a breeze can help keep them away from you and your outdoor living spaces.
  • Keep your yard clean: Mosquitos hide in overgrown vegetation, so keeping your yard clean and trimmed can help reduce their hiding places.

These are some of the cheapest ways to get rid of mosquitos. However, investing in professional mosquito control services may be necessary for more severe infestations or long-term mosquito control. Mosquito Mike is one of the most effective mosquito control companies. We can eliminate up to 90% of your infestation with our dependable pesticide mix and techniques. We also offer a guarantee: we'll return to spray for free if you're unsatisfied with the first mosquito treatment and give your money back if that doesn’t work. We’re confident you’ll find our mosquito elimination service to be a valuable and worthwhile investment. 

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